Reason No. 10 to Write A Handwritten Note

Reason No. 10 to Write A Handwritten Note


It can feel, sometimes, that as we age, time moves more quickly. And as time inches on, friendships can get lost in the passing of days. After weeks with our heads down deep in our work or months caught up in our daily routines, suddenly, we realize just how much time has passed since we’ve last made contact. And getting back in touch can feel like it requires delicate maneuvering. In a moment like this, a handwritten letter can be a sweet and unexpected path back to communication with an old friend.

This National Card + Letter Writing Month, think about the friends you might not have realized you’re missing, and send a note to just say hello. Despite what your anxiety is telling you about how your relationship has changed in all of this time and space, it’s likely that they’ll actually be really glad to hear from you. 

Remember, though, this note isn’t a repair for the time you’ve spent apart. It’s simply an opening to get you back on track. Here are some ideas to consider as you prepare to send off a letter to your old friend. 

    • Keep it light and stay authentic. If it’s been a long time since you’ve spoken to this person, I’m sure you want to dive into all the details, but start off with lightness in your authentic voice. Share a positive memory of them, or the reason you’ve decided to write at this particular time. 
    • Ask questions, but don’t pry. If you’ve taken the time to write a letter, it will be obvious that you’re interested in your recipient’s life, but who knows what events and happenings have occurred since you’ve last been in touch. Show your curiosity about what they’ve been up to, but try to avoid invasive questions about circumstances that might’ve changed since you’ve last spoken. You can get there, eventually, but digging into sensitive topics might not be appropriate for your first contact. 
    • Be clear about your intention. Whether it’s just to let them know you’re thinking about them with no hope for a reply, or to extend an invitation to eventually meet in person, let your friend know just exactly why you’re reaching out. Don’t leave them guessing. Ease any uncertainties about your “why” right away to keep the communication feeling positive.
    • Offer multiple avenues to respond. As beautiful of a practice as it is, letter writing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Though I’m sure your recipient will be so glad to receive your letter, they might not want to write you back. Give them the option of other ways to reply. Invite them to call or text you (and be sure to include your current phone number), or share your social media handles or e-mail address. Give your friend as many options as feels right to keep your lines of communication open.

When you send love through a handwritten note, you’re offering an invitation to connect, and in this case, reconnect. If you’ve been thinking about getting back in touch, but haven’t been sure how or when, let National Letter Writing Month be the inspiration you needed!  💌

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