Playful. Romantic. Full.

Heavy Set Stationery Co offers high quality paper goods for the nostalgic letter writer. 

Inspired by the memory of childhood pen pals and created in the distancing times of a global pandemic, Heavy Set Stationery is romantic, playful and full. 

Featuring hand drawn art and blank insides, the collections and cards draw inspiration from language and culture and offer space for intimate correspondence between old friends, new acquaintances and all engagements in between.

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Set the Mood to Send Love

An Homage to Black Hair

“Turtle Neck” Note Card“Turtle Neck” Note Card
  • Black & Woman Owned

    Proudly. When you shop Heavy Set Stationery Co, you're supporting a Black & Woman owned small business.

  • Recycled Materials

    Each and every one of our cards are shipped in our No Issue recycled packaging materials.

  • Made in America

    All of our notecards are designed and printed in New York.