Reason No. 2 to Send A Handwritten Note

Reason No. 2 to Send A Handwritten Note

Although it’s been our intent to share weekly, Heavy Set Stationery Co’s little team is still working through some growing pains. Bear with us as we learn the ropes of this small business life and we promise to do our best to stay in touch consistently. 

With National Letter Writing Month just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get back on track with our “Reasons to Send A Handwritten Note”

Reason No. 2: To Add a Personal Touch

So much in our day to day has the potential to feel inauthentic; disconnected, even. Text messages are auto-generated. In strives to be professional, our e-mails are coded in sterile language. Take a break from the cold and calculated. Put a little effort in the words you choose.

With a handwritten note, everything is personal - from the card you choose to write on to the language with which you fill it. Each word is carefully selected, written in your unique voice for each special recipient. From your heart, to their hands, a handwritten note is the epitome of connection. 

Who do you want to get personal with? Set aside some time, write them a note.

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