Reason No. 7 to Write A Handwritten Note

Reason No. 7 to Write A Handwritten Note


Distance can be difficult. As if separation itself isn’t hard enough, navigating busy schedules to coordinate time to slow down and connect can feel impossible. At the end of a long day, we might not even have the energy to engage in a phone conversation that might accurately reflect how glad we are to hear a loved one’s voice. 

When we write a letter, we can choose words carefully to place on a surface that our loved one will also be able to hold in their hands. They have the opportunity to touch what you’ve touched and read words you’ve crafted to share a moment of connection - a shared space of quiet conversation. 

One of our favorite things to hear about letter writing is the way it has opened up space for reconnection for many of our customers. It has made folks feel closer emotionally than their physical locations allow. A handwritten note can bring you together. It can open up an exchange that closes gaps and eliminates boundaries. 

Who in your life is a bit too far to touch? Send them a handwritten letter today. 💌

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