Reason No. 8 to Write A Handwritten Note

Reason No. 8 to Write A Handwritten Note

One thing we consistently hear from folks we meet at pop ups and events is the idea that letter writing is a dying art. Whether or not you believe the art is dying, you cannot deny that texts and emails are very much the dominant mode of correspondence. And even when a personal email finds its way to your inbox, it doesn’t quite penetrate the digital space to truly connect you to its sender.

In the immediate and, often, thoughtless space of communication that the digital word creates, a handwritten note offers personal contact with a lasting impression.

A handwritten note, whether received in your mailbox or hand-delivered, is a point of contact. A tangible keepsake that can be read and re-read. It offers something for your recipient to hold and cherish. It lets them know they’re worth the time to pick up a pen, jot down a message, envelope it and send it off!

When everyone else sends emails, send a Heavy Set Stationery Co note card.

Stand out, Send Love. 💌

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